Architects Work

When you think of Architects it may have a funny meaning that you don’t even realize, but do you know where do architects work? They actually are not employed at home, although they could work at home.

Architects are licensed professionals who have a certain level of training and education, but the jobs they work on really are different. They actually find places where they would like to be employed. For many people, the very idea of working at home is so foreign that they don’t even know what to call it.

An architect will have an in-home office or location to their liking. Whether it is a small office that they have turned into their own personal office or even a large office in a building, there are certain things that an architect will need to do. For example, the contractor or company they are hired to do the job for needs to be able to access and use the design drawings and blueprints that the architect has created. The idea of taking the design drawings and turning them into something tangible is what an architect does.

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In this day and age of the internet, architects are able to work from anywhere, and for a vast array of different functions. Many of the computer functions of designing a building for example, are done in a collaborative environment. For those who prefer a more traditional environment, the design and materials are still handled by an architect.

Architects work with engineers and designers. These types of people specialize in one particular type of engineering and design. Architects are able to use those same types of engineers and designers to help them come up with ideas for buildings, or any other type of building project. It is these types of people that help shape and design the building, which is what an architect is doing.

I have two quick examples that I used in my classroom. One would be an architect who lives on the west coast and designs for architects who live in New York. This means that the architect is drawing the building designs and putting them onto a piece of paper and then the New York architects are going to make some changes that would make the building meet the type of requirements they want.

The second example was a model train hobbyist in Wisconsin that wanted to get some design drawings done for a new set of track that he was putting together. This individual did not want to hire an architect, because he figured that an architect who was going to bring people into his shop to get the design drawings done would cost him a fortune. With this in mind, he went to his friend’s house and bought some supplies, to be able to draw out the plans, as well as blueprints. After that he took all of the train blueprints and turned them into his design drawings.

Architects work in offices or areas where there are light and air. If you are looking for an idea of what it is like to work as an architect, just read the job description in your area.