Urban Urge Awards

Urban Urge Awards announces a competition for the best ideas for urban development. Young architects can apply for two grants:

  • The Urge Awards, which is open to all architects, urbanists and landscape architects. The prize in this category is $4,000.
  • Urge Seed Grants. This grant can be applied for by a young professional (up to 35 years). In this category there is no restriction on the professional direction: artists (including in the genre of performance), researchers, engineers, activists (including social activism) and others who are somehow interested in the development and improvement of life in the city can participate. The size of the grant in this category is $500.

The winning projects will also participate in the exhibition in New York.

Requirements to candidates:

Citizens of all countries can participate in the competition. Students (females and males), professionals, and non-professionals (activists) are allowed to participate. You can also participate as a team.

Applying for grant:

  • To participate in the contest you need to register before June 15. To do this, send an email with the subject line “Registration”. The application can be sent until July 15.
  • The letter should contain: the names of applicants, status (indicating the company or University), as well as what grant you are applying for (Urge Seed Grant or Urge Award).
  • In response to your email, you will receive a registration number.
  • Next, you will need to send a description of your project, including deadlines and budget.